ux speaking


I love to speak about all aspects of the user experience.

I've built my career upon sharing knowledge and teaching techniques, skills, methods and tools to help construct the best user experience possible.


  • UX Evaporation: How Touch and Gesture Impact Future Designs (Results Oriented Web - 2013)

    In this talk, we will take a look at touch, gesture technology, and the upcoming LEAP device. We will explore some design work that I have recently done while building an iPad app for children. We’ll look at how you have to design for digital natives and digital immigrants. What does this means for the future of web applications and beyond?

  • Building an App For Children (Dallas UX Group - 2013)

    This was a indepth look into product creation from start to finish and the research required to produce a children's application along the way.

  • Strategic Paths To Successfull Conversations (Big D Dallas - 2012)

    In this presentation we will be examining everyday conversations and discussings ways to identify critical vs non critcal communications. This partially interactive talk will help participants find ways to clear the air and get to the true goal of the conversation.

  • Big Design Workshop: Practical UX (2011 - Dallas)

    In this interactive workshop I taught practical UX principals to help drive participants to creative wireframing, concepts and designs within a day. We looked at the harsh realties of real world requirements and how to help get more clarification around what the client wants to build.